Is it really over??

This past semester in Copenhagen feels like a dream. I am currently sitting on the couch in my house in New Jersey, sipping some coffee, and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am not in Copenhagen anymore. I will forever be grateful for my time in Copenhagen and the other European […]

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A very important thank you…

When I applied to have a visiting host family this semester, I had no idea what it would entail. The Visiting Host Program was something that I stumbled upon while I was doing my pre-study abroad thorough stalking of the DIS website. While I was excited about the idea of living in the Culinary Living […]

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Giving Thanks in The Netherlands

This Thanksgiving, instead of feasting on turkey and mashed potatoes, I hopped on a plane to Amsterdam! There, I met up with my sister and our friend Sophia, who both flew in from New Jersey, for four days of exploring the Netherlands. On our first evening, we did a canal tour with Those Dam Boat […]

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30 Good Things

One of the first blog posts I wrote in Copenhagen was called “Three Good Things,” and it was inspired by a simple yet effective intervention we learned about in Positive Psychology, where at the end of each day you write down, well, three good things. Taking a minute to complete this simple task can lead […]

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Exploring the Good Life in Italy

I just got back to Copenhagen after spending the past eight days in Italy. I know—pretty cool, right?! My class, Positive Psychology, left Copenhagen last Sunday morning for our 6-day long study tour exploring ‘the good life’ in Milan and Verona. Then, after the study tour concluded on Friday afternoon, a few of my classmates […]

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How to Have a Week of Hygge

It is nearing the end of October, which means temperatures are dropping and our time in daylight is shrinking here in Copenhagen. Today, the sun rose at 7:57 and it will set at 5:50. (Compare this to the day I got here, August 19, when the sun rose at 5:49 and set at 8:35.) While […]

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A Wonderful Weekend in Norway

This past weekend kicked off my international travel adventures of the semester. This was my first time leaving Denmark since I arrived way back in August, and I was very excited to start building up my jet setter status. FRIDAY After classes on Friday, three friends and I packed our bags and hopped on the metro to […]

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