Is it really over??

This past semester in Copenhagen feels like a dream. I am currently sitting on the couch in my house in New Jersey, sipping some coffee, and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am not in Copenhagen anymore.

I will forever be grateful for my time in Copenhagen and the other European cities I got to visit over the last few months.

Throughout the semester, I posted on an Instagram account every single day. Looking back, I cannot believe all the amazing experiences I had. That’s not to say every day was amazing–there were plenty of long days spent solely in class or cafés studying and doing homework. But I’m grateful for those days too.

I picked out 10 of my “favorite” days abroad:

Day 9

This day was one of the first times I actually got out and explored the city. One of my friend’s professors had recommended the Wild Food Festival, so we decided to give it a try. We got on the metro for the first time by ourselves, and took it in the wrong direction, turning a 10-minute trip into a 40-minute trip, but eventually made it to where we needed to be. Going to the Wild Food Festival was pretty random for me, but it was one of the first times where I felt like a member of the Copenhagen community! Here was the day’s post:


Day 9 in Copenhagen was well spent at the Vild Mad (Wild Food) Festival! Be sure to scroll through the photos to see all the delicious food I got to eat for a mere 100 Kroner/$16.02! I started off with the beautiful Vegetarian Bun, which consisted of black beans cooked with avocado leaves, organic milk cheese, wild herbs, flowers, and habanero sauce. That was followed up by drool-worthy Wood Sorrel Gelato with bread crumbs, wild blueberries and olive oil. Last but not least, we tried the tangy & refreshing Forest Mocktail, which was made with fermented gooseberry juice, cep honey, and wood sorrel. Yum yum yum! #noms 😋 P.S. Not only is Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world, it’s also one of the most sustainable!

Day 16

This was the day that I met my visiting host family for the first time. I remember going to Nørreport, walking around trying to find the platform for the correct train to their town, curious as to how the afternoon would go. Little did I know that they would become a second family to me! I posted:


Today, Day 16, I had a wonderful time meeting and enjoying the company of my Danish visiting host family! Before sitting down to enjoy a delicious traditional Danish dinner, we went for a nice walk around their neighborhood and stumbled into this beautiful hill where an ancient king is buried. Casual. 🌳👑

Day 27

On this day, my Core Course left Copenhagen to go to Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark for our short study tour. We had so much fun on the trip, and one of the first places we visited was this bank:

IMG_3454.jpgIt’s Day 27 in Denmark and can you guess where I am? No, it’s not a modern art museum. It’s also not a super cool airport… It’s a bank! Middelfart Sparekasse, specifically. This bank has been awarded the title of best place to work in Denmark, and even Europe! What guides their management philosophy is that they trust their employees, and they therefore do not need to be controlling of their employees. There’s also free breakfast each day, and every desk has a view of the water. Not too shabby. 🏦

Day 33

My first Onsdagsnegl was on Day 33. I probably talk about these way too much, but I won’t apologize for that.

Image-1.pngToday I had my first ~Onsdags Snegl~ (literally, “Wednesday snail”) from Sankt Peders Bakery! These fluffy fresh baked cinnamon buns are larger than life and a Wednesday specialty in Copenhagen! (P.S. they look like snails… get it now?) 🐌 Happy Day 33!

Day 43

I took my first weekend trip the weekend of Day 43, to the nearby Scandanavian city of Bergen, Norway. I did not know anything about Bergen, but one of my friends had really wanted to go there, so I was eager to check it out. We took a day-long fjord tour which took us through so many incredibly beautiful places by bus, train, and boat. A day to remember, for sure!

Image-1 (1).pngDay 43 was spent exploring the stunning Norway Fjords! We spent 12 hours oohing and ahhing at some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Day 70

This was a wonderful day with my visiting host sister, Pernille. We had hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat for the first time (which since then I have gotten twice more) and explored Tivoli as it was all decked out for Halloween!

IMG_3457.jpgOn Day 70 (side note: how is it Day 70 already?!) I had a very #hyggeevening with @pernille.98 featuring halloween hot chocolate (think: PSL meets hot chocolate) from @hotelchocolatdenmark, 22,000 pumpkins at @tivolicph, and a hyggeligt dinner at @cafenorthrosengarden. ☕️🎃🍂

Day 74

Day 74 was in the middle of my Core Course’s long study tour. It was our third and final day in Milan before heading to Verona, and it was packed with exciting events! I remember it was such a beautiful day, too! And I really enjoyed jamming out on the cowbell with Kelsey at the jazz club that evening.

IMG_3458.jpgDay 74 started with a casual visit to the inside as well as the rooftop of the Duomo di Milano, the 3rd largest church building in the world, which took nearly six centuries to complete. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning in Milan. Next we checked out Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper on the wall of the monastery where Leo painted it back in 1495. Followed by: lunch, some positive psych intervention designing, and a delicious 3-course dinner & jazz music @bluenotemilano. 🎶

Day 92

This day was super fun because a friend of mine who was studying abroad in Madrid came to visit, and I got to show off Copenhagen to her! It made me realize just how much I had come to know and love this city.

Image-1 (2).pngHad a great day 92 showing @rcibbs around some of the best places in Copenhagen! Including… @theroundtower@torvehallernekbh@hotelchocolatdenmark@nyhavndk@copenhagenstreetfood,@christiania@nettodk@tivolicph, and of course— this anchor. ⚓️

Day 106

This day was super hygge which meant that I obviously loved it. I spent the day at my visiting host family’s house and baked four different kinds of cookies while listening to all the best Christmas music. Then we got take-out sushi for dinner and watched Friends and a Christmas movie, The Holiday. ‘Twas as perfect a day as could be!

Image-1 (3).pngImage-2.pngDay 106 was spent getting into the Christmas spirit and baking up four kinds of cookies 🎄✨⛄️

Day 110

Just one week ago from today, I had a wonderful day in Copenhagen. It started with picking up Wednesday cinnamon rolls (onsdagsnegls!) from St Peder’s Bakery, and then continued on by walking around for hours including stops at the King’s Gardens, Kastellet, The Little Mermaid statue, Amelienborg Palace, Nyhavn, the Christmas Markets, Hotel Chocolat, Magasin, and more. It was a great way to spend one of my last days in Copenhagen!


A truly great day 110 spent exploring Copenhagen, for one of the last times this semester😢

& every other day…

Each day this semester taught me something new. But as always, the sum is greater than its parts. While every day abroad held value in its own way, my semester as a whole was invaluable. I will never forget the experiences of these past few months, and I will always consider Copenhagen to be a second home.

Vi ses, København.

One last time—

Ankers aweigh,




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